Dubbel-vee looks like this:      vv
Tripla-vee looks like this:      vvv

Another megagigamighty masterpiece from Sorcerers!

For more information about Sorcerers see (in SUMMAMUTIKKA order) http://vvvvvv.sorcerers.fi/, http://vvvvw.sorcerers.fi/, http://vvwvv.sorcerers.fi/, http://wvvvv.sorcerers.fi/, http://vvww.sorcerers.fi/, http://wvvw.sorcerers.fi/, http://wwvv.sorcerers.fi/, http://powa.sorcerers.fi/, http://pawi.sorcerers.fi/ and http://vepi.sorcerers.fi/ with your vepibrowser or http://vapi.sorcerers.fi/ with your vapibrowser.

Congratulations, you have reached the 5th line of this vepisite. Greetings to Kypeli! (Best experienced with B-reso!)

Current members of Sorcerers are: BCG, Devious, Fopaman, Fox, Ranger, Scorpio and Torsh.

Naru - Da Real Sorssupaukku. Pour one naruful of kossu into a glass. Mix it just enough to change the color. Drink. Enjoy. If in doubt, kossu can be replaced with vodka to make naru into a b-juoma.

There is also a mirror site to this vepi site.

Ps. There are also a hidden page and a bottomless pit in this site. Can you find them?

Sorcerers get all the girls!

Fear is a mind killer.


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